Hender 17-18-19/A, Vardan Tower, Opp. Pragatinagar Corner, Naranpura, Ahmedabad.

Course Detail

Vardan Institute of Dental Implantology

Dr. Brijesh Patel

B.D.S, Dental Implantologist
Director Of Vardan Dental Clinic & Insititute
Harward School of Dentistry (USA)
AIC (South Korea)
IAC (Boston, USA)
Software Guided Surgery (Las Vegas, USA)
Member of ISO, ICOI, IAOI
Member of American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID)
Member of Gujarat State Dental Council

Trained and Worked With

Dr. Heder (Israel)
Dr.Morgan (Bostan, USA)
Dr.Dong Seok Sohn(S.Korea)
Dr.Jeon & Dr.Choe(S.Korea)
Dr.Morencolla (Italy)
Dr.Ashok Patel (USA)
Dr.Shardi Daher(USA)

Sessions Will Include

Applied head and neck anatomy presentation.
Training In Advance Life Support & Medical Emergencies.
A staff training session to prepare each dental practice for the expanded duties Involved in implant dentistry.
An Intensive learning experience with repetitive training concept similar to the hospital training program.
Lectures, laboratory exercise, surgical demonstration and supervised hands-on surgical session used to develop skills for each procedure.
Closed circuit TV coverage of live procedures relayed into the main lecture room to enable all participants will be encouraged to implement many of the procedures directly into their dental practices.
Presentations by outstanding educators and clinicians.
Routine Examinations to help and encourage understanding of the basic concepts.
Certificates awarded on the successful completion of the program by LACE Academy & Boston Implant Institute (USA).

A small Step to Make a Big Difference.

We have successfully completed implant training courses at vardan dental implant center started from July 2004.those entire courses were designed of different modules i.e. single day course, 3 month course including hands-on.
Our course has been attended by almost 400 dentists across the Gujarat state. Today dentistry taking “u-turn” and we are at the edge of that turn and from here we can see the dental implantology is a must in our dental practice.
So, we have designed a course with each and every aspect of implantology include all theory, model based hand-on and different live surgeries with most important part of prosthetic completion. Our goal is to make sure that every participant must do the implants in their practice and the goal is achieved as majority of participants has started placing implant.
Journey of thousand dental implant starts from first implant, so get started with this full length dental implant course and place your first implant.
This course is designed to introduce to the different implant systems and their space in your clinic.

This course will enable you to combat three Q.i.e.

Topic to be covered during the course
01 Understanding Tooth loss
02 The scope of implantology
03 Medical considerations and patient Selection
04 Record taking, Treatment planning And patient consultation for simple and complicated cases
05 Medication
06 medical Emergencies / Oral sedation
07 Advance Lift support
08 Equipment requirement for implantology
09 Applied Head & Neck anatomy
10 Bone physiology, Biomaterials and Biomechanics
11 Fundamental Surgical principles
12 Staff Training
13 Importance of Attached Gingiva and soft Tissue in Surgical Reconstruction.
14 Applied Radiography & Imaging
15 Surgical techniques for placement of implant in uncomplicated and complicated case
16 Root from implant techniques and Bone Expansion techniques
17 Restorative Techniques
18 Aesthetic Enhancement techniques
19 Maintenance in implantology and correction complications

Participant supervised surgical session

During the year course, participants will have the opportunity to perform procedure on patients they bring to the course venue.
Participants will be assisted and supervised by faculty members who may perform part of the procedure depending on its complexity and the level of skill of the participant dentist.


Recall of some patients who are already having dental implants prosthesis
All participants will get Cds, DVDs, Literatures & poster worth Rs.8000.
All Major session include lunch, tea and coffee.
Dates for the surgical & prosthetic live Session May Change Depending on availability of patient.
Entire program will last for 8 to 10 days. Mostly every/alternate Sunday.
Personal guidance will be provided during first surgical case of each
Candidate along with implant kit, Physio-dispensor and digital x-ray and implant.
Certificate will be given affiliated with ICOI(international congress of oral Implantology)
Certificate provided in association with ICO(USA) and Boston Implant Institute(USA)


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists.


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Dr. Brijesh Anil Patel
B.D.S. , F.I.C.O.I.(USA)
9:00 am - 7:15 pm
9:00 am - 7:15 pm
9:00 am - 7:15 pm
9:00 am - 7:15 pm
9:00 am - 7:15 pm
9:00 am - 4:15 pm